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This conference program aims to give senior industry professionals access to new ideas, solutions and innovations to help take their departments and companies forward. The agenda is pitched at a high level and we endeavour to present new case studies and new thinkers on the programme each year.

Keynote and seminar sessions give a high-level view of the  industry, offering predictions and insights to help delegates form their future strategies. The interactive workshops and discussion groups complement the larger sessions by drilling down into specific issues, allowing delegates to share their collective experiences and to learn how their peers are dealing with similar situations.

The CIO Forum | Now in Its 16th Year

Our conference program is refreshingly different to what you're used to seeing at regular tradeshows and conferences. Why?

  • Built Around Your Needs: We create The Forums conference program based on research and feedback from our clients, senior level IT executives, who like you are dealing with critical issues on a daily basis
  • First class speakers: Conference sessions are led by peers or industry experts, who have a clear understanding of the business obstacles inherent in controlling large technology departments and how they can be managed and resolved.
  • Intimate sessions: Sessions are for small groups of under 25 delegates. This environment encourages attendees to be able to share best practices, successful case studies, and receive opinions and suggestions from their colleagues.  

The entire conference is built around helping you become a more effective executive and opening doors to new perspectives and points of view to help you and your department move forward.

Take part in the program

If you would like to participate in the program or recommend any speakers or topics please get in touch.
2014 Keynote Presentation
2014 Keynote Presentation
  • Opening Keynote

    Tom Wujec, World Renowned Expert on Innovation, Fellow at Autodesk

    Tom Wujec speaks internationally on innovation: why it matters, why it is a vital engine of economic growth (especially today), and how to foster it. Wujec works with Fortune 100 companies to create innovation practices at all stages, from strategic planning to design and implementation. He is also the leading advocate of making work visible within a company, of transforming ideas into images that enhance clarity and engagement and which lead to intelligent and successful new products, services and processes.

    Thanks to Wujec, revolutionary companies are creating profound new ways of understanding their employees, customers, markets, and products. As a Fellow at Autodesk—the Oscar-winning industry leader in 3D computer animation technology, and one of the world's largest software companies—Wujec has worked with a diverse range of clients, from the largest automotive and consumer product manufacturers to the visual effects and gaming companies establishing billion dollar industries. He has brought several award-winning products to market, and has published a handful of influential books, including Return on Imagination, Five Star Mind and Pumping Ions, which have been translated into over a dozen languages. Tom Wujec's newest book Imagine Design Create was released at TED 2011 to rave reviews.


2013 Industry Sessions
2013 Industry Sessions
  • Cyber Security: Prevention, Detection, Response and Recovery

    Jim Noble, Author & Fmr CIO of GM, BP, AOL & Merrill Lynch

    "There are two types of company - those who know they have been hacked, and those who don't."   In this presentation, Jim Noble will discuss the materiality of the risks posed by cyber threats. Jim will provoke debate by justifying his controversial views that many enterprises don't care, most enterprises don't know, and almost all enterprises are incapable of effective response. Jim will cite case studies that show the extent of the problem – you don’t know when they were there, when they left, what they took, and what they left behind. He will then go on to describe approaches for prevention, detection and reaction.


    Jim is widely recognized as one of the world’s thought leaders in achieving worthwhile business results from investments in IT. In 2012 Jim won CIO Magazine’s award for the innovative use of technology. Jim has advised governments and heads of state on cyber security, and teaches the next generation of IT leaders at Columbia University (New York) and Haskayne Business School. Jim was also Dean of the IT Academy at General Motors and BP. His book The CIO’s Secret Playbook is scheduled for publication in 2013.

    Jim has held the following positions in his successful career in the IT profession:

    Chairman; Altria Group (Philip Morris, Kraft Foods, Miller Brewing) — Global Chief Information Officer; AOL Time Warner — Chief Information Officer; BP plc — VP of IT Strategy; Capgemini — Global head of IT consulting practice; General Motors Inc — Global Chief IT Strategy Officer; Merrill Lynch Inc — Managing Director, Business Transformation; Talisman Energy Inc. — Global Chief Information Officer; Trafalgar House plc (John Brown Engineering, Cunard shipping, Ritz, Ideal Homes) — Global Chief Information Officer.


  • Rocket Science for CIOs – a workshop

    Jeff Norris, Planning Software Systems Group, NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory

    Mars may seem far away, but many of the core engineering and organizational principles behind the exploration of space can launch your business to new heights.  In this workshop, Jeff will draw upon examples from his work in space exploration to spark lively discussions about efficient sy...


    The changing role of the Chief Data Officer

    Heather Wilson, Chief Data Officer, AIG
    Data is necessary for regulatory compliance as well as executive and strategic decision making.  With big data, however, companies are becoming more conscious of the true value of their information assets and the power they hold.  As the management of vast amounts of internal and extern...

    Information Governance

    Tim O'Brien, Cyber Branch, FBI

    You protect your assets, your staff, and your accounts, but are you protecting your most important resources?  Are you protecting your company’s data and that of your clients?

    Information Governance is the 21st century’s emerging process for managing all proprietary in...


  • The Future of the CIO

    Shafiq Rab, M.D., MPH, Vice President, Chief Information Officer, Hackensack University Medical Center
    Join Shafiq Rab, Vice President, Chief Information Officer, Hackensack University Medical Center as he discusses his vision of the future role of the CIO, the influence the CIO will have and how the evolution of IT (and the world) will have an impact.

    Areas of discussion include:

    Big Data: A discussion group

    John M. Fleming, Senior Vice President, Information Technology, CIT
    Big Data. It has your interest, doesn’t it. It is the new thing in town. Everyone is talking about it, in fact you feel bad because you aren’t doing anything about. It’s written about in all the trade publications. Your implementation partners say it will even fix problems you d...

    Sharpen Your Influence: The Key Skills You Need in Senior Information Technology Management

    Christine Comaford of Christine Comaford Associates

    Now more than ever leaders need to be able to influence outcomes. Good intentions are rarely assumed, people are on the lookout for manipulative tactics, and even subtle persuasion efforts are suspect. Influence is no longer about doing something to someone to get what you want. Real influence...


  • Buy vs. Build?

    Sophia C. Yen, Director, UBS Americas Group

    That is always the question - join Sophia Yen as she shares one global bank's exploration through that question to find the solution to optimally manage over 60,000 employees direct expenses.

    Sophia will share the steps they navigated as they weighed the cost benefit analysis of...


    The Increasing Phenomenon of Software Licensing Audits

    Mike Cleary, Director of Contract Compliance, McGladrey Inc

    Software licensing audits are a fact of life for every CIO.  Major publishers (ex. IBM, Microsoft, Oracle) and commonly used software firms (ex. Adobe, Symantec, Autodesk) all have thriving audit practices.  These firms are using their licensing audit teams to drive significant ...

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