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The CIO & IT Security  Forum | Now in Its 18th Year

Our conference program is refreshingly different to what you're used to seeing at regular tradeshows and conferences. Why?

  • Built Around Your Needs: We create The Forums conference program based on research and feedback from our clients, senior level IT executives, who like you are dealing with critical issues on a daily basis
  • First class speakers: Conference sessions are led by peers or industry experts, who have a clear understanding of the business obstacles inherent in controlling large technology departments and how they can be managed and resolved.
  • Intimate sessions: Sessions are for small groups of under 25 delegates. This environment encourages attendees to be able to share best practices, successful case studies, and receive opinions and suggestions from their colleagues.  


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If you would like to participate in the program or recommend any speakers or topics please get in touch.
2015 Opening Keynote
2015 Opening Keynote
  • Leadership, Culture, and Technology Innovation

    Darrell M. West, Vice President of Governance Studies and Director of Center for Technology Innovation, Douglas Dillon Chair in Governance Studies, The Brookings Institution

    This speech will review the latest trends in technology innovation and ways digital technology is changing leadership, culture, and organizations. In the 21st century, we need organizations that are smarter, faster, and leaner. There are a number of ways in which digital and mobile technologies improve transparency, accountability, innovation, and assessment, and therefore help organizations perform at higher levels. I will give specific examples of how this is happening and ways executives should rethink their leadership approaches and organizational structures. By understanding new tools of data analytics and social networking, I will demonstrate how leaders can become more effective at their jobs.

    Darrell M. West is the Vice President of Governance Studies and Director of the Center for Technology Innovation at the Brookings Institution. He holds the Douglas Dillon Chair in Governance Studies.  Previously, he was the John Hazen White Professor of Political Science and Public Policy and Director of the Taubman Center for Public Policy at Brown University.  His current research focuses on technology policy, health care, and education.

    West is the author of 19 books including Digital Schools (Brookings, 2012), The Next Wave:  Using Digital Technology to Further Social and Political Innovation (Brookings, 2011), Brain Gain:  Rethinking U.S. Immigration Policy (Brookings, 2010), Digital Medicine:  Health Care in the Internet Era (Brookings, 2009), Digital Government: Technology and Public Sector Performance, (Princeton University Press, 2005), and Air Wars: Television Advertising in Election Campaigns (Congressional Quarterly Press, 2005), among others.

    He is the winner of the American Political Science Association’s Don K. Price award for best book on technology (for Digital Government) and the American Political Science Association’s Doris Graber award for best book on political communications (for Cross Talk).  He has delivered nearly 150 lectures in a dozen different countries, including China, Japan, Russia, Taiwan, Mexico, Brazil, Germany, Netherlands, Portugal, Turkey, Bahrain, and the United States, and has been quoted in leading newspapers, radio stations, and national television networks around the world. 


2015 Program
2015 Program
  • The Data Driven Organization

    Terrence D. O'Brien, Chief Data, Information, Knowledge Management Officer, NATO Special Operations Headquarters

    Data is only data until you do something useful with it. So by definition, a Data Driven Organization is one in which all the different kinds of data from your organization is tightly integrated, enabling you to work smarter, faster and better. By creating a single ‘dynamic’ customer view, t...


    Creative Approaches to Technology Innovation

    Darrell M. West, Vice President of Governance Studies and Director of Center for Technology Innovation, Douglas Dillon Chair in Governance Studies, The Brookings Institution

    This workshop will review new trends in technology innovation and ways leaders should think about organizational change. In a fast-changing digital landscape, leaders need to understand the opportunities and barriers to change and how technology can make or break them. I will lead an interactive discussion and provide examples of how executives should rethink their options.


    Learning to Love Accountability

    David Hopkins, Managing Director - M&E IT Systems, American Airlines

    Accountability has a bad reputation as being something that beholds us to bad outcomes. The truth is, it can be the bedrock of business success and the key to a rewarding career. Taking ownership, being able to identify the good problems from the bad, and understanding how they can present o...


  • Thinking and Leading Strategically in the New Market Landscape

    Dr. Jeffrey Kuhn, Founder and CEO, GrowthLeaders

    Today’s market landscape presents promise and peril for leaders in established organizations. Socio-economic trends, emerging technologies, and shifts in consumer behavior are intersecting to reshape existing markets and create new vistas of opportunity and growth.

    Times of transformat...


    How Strategic CIOs Provide Transformation Leadership in the Digital Age

    Phil Weinzimer, Author of The Strategic CIO: Changing the Dynamics of the Business Enterprise

    There is no better time to be a CIO. You have the perfect opportunity to help your C-suite colleagues leverage information and technology to improve the competitive advantage for your company. Are you ready for the challenge? Do you have the trust of your business colleagues to engage in a str...


    Next Generation Security Programs: Innovative Technologies, Agile Architecture and Beyond

    Kashif Latif, IT Officer (Security, Compliance, Governance) , FIS Global

    The emergence of disruptive technologies, exponential growth in security threats and risk exposure, and extensive and intrusive monitoring along with oversight by regulators and monitoring bodies have led to massive changes to the security and risk landscape to enterprises of all sizes.



  • A Tactical Approach to the Security Workforce Shortage

    Tami Gallupe, Information Security Officer for Climate Corporation

    Three years ago, the US government reported that by 2015 there would be over 950,000 vacant security positions in the US due to the growing security workforce shortage. Today this number is greater than originally estimated. To compensate for this shortage, companies need to look at creat...


2015 Discussion Groups
2015 Discussion Groups
  • Digitalization, Data & The Internet of Things: a discussion group

    Free-flowing peer led conversations about core topics facing CIOs and CISOs

    Decision making has changed. The ability to collect data in real-time and make informed decisions has become essential. Whether it is buying habits of customers across large geographical areas, or the performance of a small widget on an assembly line, new streams of information allows stakeh...


    Innovation as the norm: a discussion group

    Free-flowing peer led conversations about core topics facing CIOs and CISOs

    It seems like a long time ago when innovation was considered “above and beyond” the role. Now, questioning, tinkering and re-imagining seems to expected. How does this change how we structure our hiring, teams, processes or even meetings? Where do we prioritize innovation in our hierarchy of...


    Engagement: a discussion group

    Free-flowing peer led conversations about core topics facing CIOs and CISOs

    Whether it is engagement with stakeholders, engagement with the business, or engagement within IT, having everyone pulling in the same direction has never been more important. As every aspect of the business leans heavily on IT now, and with more dependence often comes more pressure. Success...


  • The Pillars of Project Management : a discussion group

    Free-flowing peer led conversations about core topics facing CIOs and CISOs

    We have seen the successes of the famous project turnarounds and the horror stories of the disastrous failures -- but what about the art of consistent delivery on goals? Where are the celebrations of the timelines that are quietly met? The articles where the budget was kept to? The case stud...


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